This Is Radish Bread

I don’t have a picture of radish bread, so I’ve provided a picture of a radish.  I’m also not looking up radish bread to see if it’s an actual thing so I can believe my wife made it up in her genius.

Take a French loaf or baguette.  Cut it in half.  Apply liberal amounts of butter on each side.  Chives.  Radishes.  Pepper.  I might be missing something.  Eat.

Describing food is not my best skillset as I tend to block the experience into easily accessible groupings such as “Wow” or “Yeah” or “I’m not finishing this”.  Radish bread falls somewhere just shy of “Wow” into a possible “Great” or “Mmmmm”.  It’s easy.  Simple.  A good marriage of cream and snap, sharp and spicy.  And though I would hesitate to label anything slathered in butter “light”, the amount of intake isn’t large enough to make one feel bogged down enough to constitute a relaxed lunch.