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This Is Avengers: Age of Ultron

I doubt my impressions are going to come as a shock or a revelation.  Rather than just saying “Yes” over and over again, a few things I disliked:

1. There is so much action,  most character development (or progression) goes out the window.  The exception to this is Hawkeye.

2.  The story is a little far-reaching with so many moving parts, there is little time to give decent focus to all those pieces making things feel either unfinished or unexplained.

I think that’s it.

It was beautiful, insane, way over the top, and gave me exactly what I signed up for.


This Is The Second Avengers Age Of Ultron Trailer

I didn’t even realize we were getting a second trailer for this thing.  In a time when trailers feel the need to reveal the entire plot of the film, it’s refreshing to see them handled right every now and again.  It’s what made the new Star Wars trailer so good.  Well, Star Wars made the new trailer so good, even with the prequel taint, but the point stands.  See: a trailer should be all about the smells of a kitchen.  Scent and anticipation.  Maybe hearing the rattle of dishes or the pot coming to boil, drawers opening and closing as ingredients are added, searched for, and catching the beep of an oven.  This is the lead-in experience to a meal.  Trailers need whet the appetite, not drown it in so many appetizers the full course becomes an afterthought.

A buddy of mine mentioned how much more exciting the first Age of Ultron trailer was compared to the second.  And he isn’t wrong, even when wondering if part of that excitement stems from the action within the package or the newness of it.  Both can be true.  What I enjoyed here, though, is the slowness.  The first gave an idea of what to expect, and the tone is certainly darker than the first movie, but I found this trailer to be one of mood, taking the darkness into more dire, more desperate, more grave, (more synonymous) avenues.  The palette of the meal is revealed with dishes still being hinted at: Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Hulk potentially charmed by Scarlet, all things for fans to mull and discuss, not be outright shown.  Though the habit today seems to go Teaser -> Trailer -> Trailer 2 -> Film, the Teaser has always seemed redundant to me, at least from a practical standpoint.  The entire reason a trailer exists is to tease, to swell our excitement until we all but clamor to hand over our money.  There’s a study I read I’m not going to take the time to re-find, but the gist was we are happier looking forward to the vacation than we are on the vacation itself.  For me it’s true.  Not that I don’t enjoy the event when it arrives, only there’s something innately infectious about speculation.  Both Age of Ultron trailers have handled the speculation spectrum (eh?  eh?) perfectly, with this newest helping shift assumptions around and get my mind better straight.  More straight?  Whatever.

It needs to be May.