This Is Newman’s Own Southwest Dressing

Sorry for the lack of posting on Friday.  I genuinely forgot what day we were on and it wasn’t until I was halfway through Friday I realized I hadn’t written anything and, rather than then posting on Saturday and risking further mix up, I skipped.

So salad dressing.  I haven’t actually had the store bought version of this stuff.  Haven’t had the McDonald’s salad it’s supposedly attached to either, but I have a feeling the gist is easy to grasp.  What I have had is the Newman’s Own Southwest dressing which comes in those little pouches from McDonald’s in spite of not eating one of their salads.  My wife was making a salad for a party and forgot to buy dressing, so she went through the drive through (thru?) and they just gave her some packets.

It’s okay.  Kinda creamy like a Ranch but not as spicy.  Well, spicy but in a hot way not a peppery way.  And not really even a great spicy.  Just hot in the mouth.  Like those old Warhead candies hot.  Maybe.  It’s been a while.  The dressing gets the job done just fine, and in a salad with corn and tortilla slivers and other “southwest” things, it’s not a bad substitute.  However, in the way I don’t feel remotely healthy when I order a taco salad, say, I felt I could have eaten a burger and saved myself some calories.