This Is Degree Clinical

For Men.

If you’re here: congratulations.  You’re about to read a review on deodorant.  Perhaps you have an unaccounted for fetish.  Perhaps, like me, you have a use for information regarding something which is of “clinical strength”.  Or perhaps you’ve stumbled into an internet rabbit hole and wound up here.

Let’s begin.

I sweat.  Not a lot, but it’s there.  I’ve tried a number of deodorants over the years in search of a product to help better curb the output, and always come up short.  Or sweaty.  Men’s deodorant.  Women’s deodorant.  I don’t discriminate.  Honestly: if there was an Older Folk’s deodorant, I’d maybe give that a go too.

I’d read a review of this stuff called CertainDri which I couldn’t find locally, and though I have a need, it is not so great where I will order specialty deodorant online.  Not yet, at least.  Maybe soon.  So I have this Degree Clinical for Men as a substitute.  Supposedly it’ll do all of the same things any other Super Deodorant (TM) is capable of, and beggars/choosers.  Figured I might as well give it a go.

The smell is spectacular.  Not good.  No.  Sharp.  An infestation.  Like some wood-boring insect, it invades the nose cavity and digs into the skin and the fibers and the hairs and will not, under any circumstances, come up for air.  The stuff creeps into the throat.  Deodorant is not a sensory experience, and to have it hovering so close to the tongue tugs at my fight-or-flight instinct.  It’s as though a deodorant scent-cocoon exists around me.  If it worked, I might put up with the smell (and taste), but it doesn’t.  At least not well.  My issue is curbed in the way a secretary might write an appointment in the book and forget to tell their boss about it.

Also.  Also.  According to the box in my hand, I’m supposed to talk to my doctor about using this if I have kidney disease.  Now, I don’t have kidney disease, but I do have hypochondriasis, which is mostly like having kidney disease, and I’m left wondering if I continue to try and curb a little bit of sweat, if I might also be shutting down a (mostly) vital part of my body’s infrastructure.  I’m curious how something applied beneath an armpit would give a kidney pause.  I’d research it, but I’m not allowed on WedMD, and even so: it’d be cancer.

Bottom line.

Smells weird.  Works mediocre.  The hunt continues.